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Frequently Asked Questions
Purpose Hosting Pre-Sales Questions
Purpose Hosting Web Hosting Questions Web Hosting
Purpose Hosting Domain Name Questions Domain Names
Purpose Hosting email Questions E-mail

I'm having trouble setting up my e-mail. What do I do?
Please see our getting started and troubleshooter guides available here.

What do I put for both incoming and outgoing mail server?
For both incoming and outgoing mail server put mail.yourdomain.com.au

I can receive e-mail, ubt I'm having trouble sending e-mail. How do I send e-mail?
If you can not send email using mail.yourdomainname.com as your SMTP server, it may be because your ISP is blocking port 25 on their network, used for sending outoing mail via the SMTP protocol. In this instance, we recommend using your ISPs outgoing mail server, which can be obtained from your ISP. This practice has been put in place in an effort to stop spam. Telstra and Optus are some well known companies that have implemented the blocking of port 25 on their network. The email will still appear to have come from you, however it will be sent through a different network. This is normal and perfectly acceptable.

Where do I check my web mail?
Linux Hosting users can access their web mail at: http://www.domainname.com/webmail (replace domainnames.com.au with your domain name)

How do I setup a contact form on my web site?
We have a contact form demonstration that you can order available here.

Purpose Hosting search engine Questions
Search Engines

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