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Frequently Asked Questions
Purpose Hosting Pre-Sales Questions

Why are your prices so cheap?
Purpose Web Hosting sells domain names and web hosting by volume and automation, which allows us to make web hosting affordable and accessible to everyone. Our prices and packages have been designed to compete in the global market place. We also provide powerful web based tools that our customers to manage their own accounts at the click of a mouse, just like a web professional.

What are your server specifications, network and data centre information?
More information about our server specifications, network and data centre is available here.

Can you tell me a little about your comany? How long have you been in business?
Purpose Web Hosting Web Hosting is a registered company and with its associated companies, has been in business for several years

What payment methods do you accept?
Pay by Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express, Cheque, Australia Post Money Order or Direct Deposit. Select your payment option on the last page of the order form.

I am registering a domain name and the online order form is constantly telling me "invalid telephone number format" or similar.
Please ensure you have entered your telephone number in the domain name registration/billing contact fields on the last page of the order form. In total, you should enter your phone number in 3 places. If you receive an error stating invalid telephone number format, please ensure your telephone has been entered correctly and the domain registration information is valid. The domain registration information can not be left blank, or without a telephone number for the admin/billing contacts. The telephone number should be entered in the following format: +(country code).(area)(telephone). e.g. +61398264802

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